Introducing GoodTravels

GoodTravels is a mission-driven social enterprise that seeks to use travel as a tool for building interest, facilitating education, and providing engagement opportunities around local and global issues. With the charge of being a vehicle for positive change around the world, GoodTravels aims to unite travel and purpose.

The team, comprised of three founding members: ArnelleDerek and Joma, was forged through a love of travel and a strong desire to make a positive impact in this world. The initial plan of throwing one event to educate people on mindful travel and raise money for Global Wildlife Conservation quickly morphed into something much bigger.  Traction was gained so rapidly, and the amount of support for the cause was so overwhelming, that the team knew they had a duty to grow their vision and bring mindful travel to a new level. Thus, GoodTravels was born.  

The team knew there were amazing people in the world who love travel and want to give back where and when they travel, but lack the connections or knowhow to do so.  No problem, GT has you covered.  Along with curating local events designed to educate, connect, and inspire, GoodTravels curates very special trips.  Focused on sustainable travel and experiences that help engage and educate people on ways to make a positive impact while out in the world, the GoodTraveler is shown a new side of the places they visit, working with non-profits, meeting locals, and of course having lots of fun along the way. The whole thing is powered by those travelers who want to be a positive impact in the world, and partnerships with amazing tastemaking brands that share the GoodTravels philosophy.

Ultimately, GoodTravels knows that travel is not only a great way to grow personally, it’s also a great way to learn about the world and be a champion for positive impact. If you want to make a difference or would like more information, please reach out – the GoodTravels team would love to hear from you! And remember, wherever you go, good travels with you.  

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